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Concrete Cutting and Drilling Services

When it comes to concrete cutting and drilling services in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast regions, you can't go past the expert team at RDA Concrete Cutting.

Located on Brisbane’s northside, our concrete cutting and drilling team is highly experienced, delivering premium results every time, no matter how difficult the job.

Some of our regular projects include cutting control joints, access ways through walls, penetrations for plumbing and electrical services, and roadsawing to enable installation of drainage services.

We can also core drill holes to measure in concrete, brick, and blockwalls, no matter what the thickness. Our proven processes ensure that your holes will be smooth, precise, and ready for use.

If you value efficient and reliable service, and your project demands accuracy and a high-quality result, you can rely on us.

What Services We Offer

Concrete Cutting

We use a range of proven methods for cutting concrete, including handsawing, roadsawing, and ring sawing, using both petrol and fume-free electric services.

Core Drilling

We are experts in core drilling holes to measure in concrete, brick, and blockwalls. Our processes ensure that your holes will be smooth, precise and ready for use.

Concrete Scanning

Our non-destructive Concrete Scanning services locate steel reinforcing, post-tension cables, electrical and plumbing services within slabs and masonry walls.

Why You Need Our Services

Whether you manage a construction site, are a builder, or a property owner, if you have the need for concrete cutting and core drilling services, the dedicated professionals at RDA Concrete Cutting has you covered.

Concrete is the most fundamental material used in modern commercial and domestic construction. It’s most commonly used in foundations, pathways, tilt slab construction, driveways, carparks, swimming pools, and has countless other uses.

That said, most homeowners, contractors, and builders don’t own the necessary tools and equipment to drill or cut concrete. Even professional construction companies may not have the experience or carry the required equipment for core drilling, concrete scanning, or concrete cutting.

With over 22 years of experience, RDA Concrete Cutting has a friendly, dedicated, and professional team who is highly rated within the concrete cutting and drilling industry. Our team not only delivers high-quality services, ensuring a great job every time, our operators are also known as some of the quickest and most efficient in the industry. Experience is one thing but using the latest drilling and cutting technology allows us to maximise efficiency and accuracy on a wide range of projects, making our prices very competitive.

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If you need friendly, reliable, hassle-free, and knowledgeable cutting and drilling services, our expert team is happy to answer your questions or to arrange a quote.